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Established in 1993, Perodua began its journey as the second national car company to serve the nation's need for an affordable and industry leading quality compact car.

From the ever popular, Perodua Kancil introduced to the Malaysian market in August 1994, Perodua has developed into a strong and dynamic group with a comprehensive range of vehicles renowned for its quality and unsurpassed reliability.

Besides manufacturing cars, Perodua also produce engine component parts for both local and international carmakers which helps build automotive industry in Malaysia. Our vendor development program helps over 100 local parts suppliers improve component quality, cost and delivery (QCD).

To date, Perodua has 41 branches and 139 sales dealers nationwide to serve its customers efficiently. It also has 45 service branches and 118 service dealers outlets throughout Malaysia for customer's convenience. Perodua vehicles are also sold in other countries such as United Kingdom, Singapore, Brunei, Fiji, Nepal and Sri Lanka. 

Save for the sales and service operations, which exist in all states nationwide, PERODUA operates from its headquarters in Sungai Choh, Rawang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Perodua strive to place people first in everything it does. Perodua's brand statement – Building Cars, People First – stresses the importance of tailoring the product and services to individual lifestyles. It also highlights the role the company plays in empowering the employees and partners through industry-leading training and skills transfers.

Our successes are due in part to the fantastic team at Perodua, who are passionate about the Company and the work they do.

After 15 years, and over 1.5 million cars sold, Perodua has over 10,000 people who build cars to move Malaysia. And you could be a part of our team, helping build cars that inspire a passion to drive. 


Sungai Choh, Locked Bag No. 226

48009 Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: +603-6092 8888 / +603-6733 8888

Fax: +603-6733 0439


Contact Details

Human Resource Department

Tel: +603-6092 8888 / +603-6733 8888

Fax: +603-6733 0439


Application Mode: email / write-in / website

Applicable Qualifications

  • Diploma
  • Degree
  • Master

Training/Work Location: Selangor (Rawang)


To apply for internship in Malaysia, submit your resume to

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